Workshop for students and experienced media professionals working as scriptwriters, film makers, journalists, game designers, XR creators or social media managers. Bayerisches Filmzentrum, October 20th–22nd 2021

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The “OODA loop” – Strategy for the VUCA business world

Article by Dr. Jürgen Scherer - The U.S. Army War College coined the term VUCA in the late 80s addressing volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions. Less known in this context is the impact of the legendary US Air Force fighter pilot John R. Boyd (1927 - 1997), who developed the so-called “O-O-D-A loop”: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Boyd’s influence not only revolutionized military strategy, but also formed the basis of a profound business strategy in response to VUCA times.

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Empowering people to cope with the VUCA through three elements

Article by Dr. Stefanie Puckett - We observe nimble, innovative startups and look at large yet agile companies. They found a way to empower their people to deal with VUCA challenges, and it is grounded in their working culture. The three elements that determine their success provide an orientation for our own day to day work life.

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Interview: How do you lead back from the home office?

Britta Müller (BM) from the Coaching Gesellschaft team interviews Waltraud Gläser (WG), process facilitator, initiator and owner of the popular website vuca-world.org, about what this means for cooperation and how managers can deal appropriately with the return from the home office. Waltraud Gläser works with her clients as a process facilitator in change processes and runs the website vuca-world.org as an expert.

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The world after Corona

I am often asked these days when Corona will "be over" and everything will return to normal. My answer: Never. There are historical moments when the future changes direction. We call them bifurcations. Or deep crises. These times are now.

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