One of the biggest challenges for any organization/company is to maintain stability in the face of a dynamic and uncertain world.
At the same time, responding successfully also depends critically on our ability to adapt when circumstances change fundamentally. Transforming an organization in an agile way requires an approach that is as flexible as the market requirements.

The Day of Orientation

Take the right steps towards the future of your company and shed light on the status quo and approaches for improvements and changes in a solution-oriented dialogue and from different perspectives. Talk to each other instead of about each other and learn about sensitivities, needs, worries, fears and inhibiting factors as well as approaches for development from the perspective of all those involved.

Unspoken issues come to the surface and thus become „understandable“. You get a quick and effective analysis of the current situation and at the same time strengthen the spirit of optimism for future joint action!
Together you will work out concrete practical measures for what needs to be done and how it could work. This creates motivation and honest identification with the common cause.

The Day of Orientation,

a stocktaking with all employees, offers your company a quick, effective and motivational company analysis and creates a good basis for your individual organisational development.

Keynotes / Presentations

Waltraud Gläser questions traditional structures and shows how to think about organisations and teamwork from a new perspective.
As a speaker, she brings a breath of fresh air into your world of thought and your organisation.
Depending on which questions are particularly important to you, Waltraud Gläser will develop a customised approach for the presentation in your company.
Her aim is not only to share experience and knowledge, but above all to contribute ideas and inspire your audience with enthusiasm.

Managing change and

transformation processes


Paul Watzlawick once said that „every problem is a nail if you only have a hammer“.

A well-equipped „toolbox“ for managers is indeed indispensable in today’s world. In particular, this toolbox should be filled with the necessary knowledge about the framework conditions for change. They must be flexible and able to adapt to changes, as the framework conditions may change during the course of the change process.

Managers should be familiar with various change management methods in order to plan, implement and monitor change effectively and flexibly. They must be able to clearly communicate the vision for change and motivate employees to actively participate in the change process.


Coaching / Sparring


What should managers and decision-makers do on a regular basis? Regular reflection! According to Dr Wolfgang Looss, the author of „Unter vier Augen“, sparring is a synonym for „reflection partnerships for people who do not have a currently defined problem.“

Sparring is „occasion-free“.

However! In a context that is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – i.e. VUCA – in which the distinction between right and wrong is relativised by both-and, where chaos takes the place of linearity and causality, there are plenty of opportunities for problem-solving and reflection on a daily basis. The right impulse often brings more than time-consuming and cost-intensive efforts to find the right solution alone!

VUCA Grafity

Become a VUKA Facilitator®


It´s no prediction but reality: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are characterizing not only the business world. To manage the challenges and problems of a VUCA age, you need to strengthen your VUCA responsiveness – either if you are a leader, a manager, an organization, a team, a consultant or any other interested individual.

Time to reframe known and unknown approaches to design solutions for dealing with the impacts of the VUCA phenomena:
Become a VUKA Facilitator® and join our worldwide community!

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