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In a world described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigue (VUCA), which furthermore creates brittleness, anxiety, non-linearity and incomprehensibility (BANI) traditional and well experienced tools might not guarantee future ability anymore.
The less we understand what´s going on or, what´s up and ahead, the more we need the flexibility, courage and creativity to combine old and new, proved and not yet thought approaches to build a stable fundament for sustainable growth.

This is when an Agile and Adaptive Mind needs to enter the stage.
The agile & adaptive mindset is an attitude and thought process that involves understanding, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve high-performing results.


The first learning platform to strengthen

your Agile & Adaptive Mind  by becoming

a VUKA Facilitator® !

(VUKA Facilitator® is a trademark registered in Germany)

Our Vision is to Change the World and Inspire People
to see the World through Empathic Eyes.

Our Mission is to assist Business Leaders and Organizations
to transition from a Change to a Transformational Management Style through the empowerment of Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility and Adaptability.




22 videos describe various tools that are useful for describing the VUCA positive approach and train your Agile and Adaptive Mind. In addition, there are 23 supplementary texts that round out the learning experience.


Each section is accompanied by questions for your own review. There are also transfer tasks to consolidate what you have learned.


Every month there is a 45 minute online session to ask and answer questions. The subscription allows participation for 6 months.


It's up to you when you will start the learning journey and at what pace. There is a whole six months to do it.

What is the Agile and Adaptive Mind?

An Agile and Adaptive Mind generally refers to the cognitive capacity

of individuals to adjust their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions

in response to changing circumstances or environments.

The Program Design


  • The program is a mix of videos, texts, transfer tasks and questions. You will gain insights into the agile and adaptive thinking and reframing by known and not yet known theories, tools, models and approaches.
  • Each learning unit includes 10-15 minute videos, questions to answer and background information.
  • A workbook supports your learning.
  • In the monthly Q & A session with our expert you challenge your knowledge.
  • You receive a certificate after successful completion of the program.

The learning journey program:

  • You have the possibility to join the Q & A sessions for 6 months.
  • Every question, every ambiguity can be resolved in the Q & A session.
  • Develop and harness your VUCA Facilitation skills, processes, and practices.


22 videos + additional texts + questions + transfer tasks + workbook + certificate + monthly Q & A sessions + Email support

You can work through the program at your own pace!

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Ingrid Bethge

Ingrid Bethge

I feel very strengthened in my role as a leader and team developer.

Boris Wittgrefe

Boris Wittgrefe

Learning through play has helped me understand the VUCA thinking.

Maike Ertel

Maike Ertel

As a student of International Management, the term VUCA is part of the standard vocabulary.

Michael Peters

Michael Peters

The course has given me a great foundational insight into the concept of VUCA.

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