How do I invent a traffic jam?

By VUCA Blog

Article by Christian Schwedler, Expert + Speaker for Ambidexterity & Ambidextry 

With a red handcart filled with 99 used cell phones, Berlin-based artist Simon Weckert toured the capital.
All phones had a working SIM card as well as Google Maps activated.

In the real world, a man with a red handcart was seen on a car-free street. In the virtual Google Maps world, the green road changed to a red one as the algorithm interpreted 99 slow movements as a traffic jam and then recommended alternative routes.

A famous quote goes, "We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us."

With his action, Simon Weckert demonstrated exactly that. The digital map shows us a condition that does not exist in reality.

We blindly trust this virtual information and adapt our behavior to it.   A small reminder that we must not blindly believe everything. Fakes, manipulation and media scandals seem to be on the rise lately. And that nationally (like #NDR scandal) as well as internationally (e.g. #twitterfiles).

Let's remember more often: the truth is rarely black or white, but mostly gray, or colorful.

Fotocredit: Simon Weckert
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