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As a coach of field hockey teams, I operated in so-called #VUKA context for years.

Article by Stefan Kermas – Train Your Business

VUKA? Ah yes, this acronym "from the 80s" which describes the environment as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. For some, it's an outdated and meaningless phrase. For others, like me, the #skills for dealing with above VUKA phenomena are more relevant than ever. Because whenever different influencing factors meet, it's over with linear plannability and causality.

In team sports, it is inconceivable that a game between two teams will be exactly the same twice in a row. Maybe the game ends with the same result, but the course of the game and the individual actions will be different each time. Too many factors such as opponents, referees, luck, weather, spectators, form on the day, standings, tactical alignment, etc. influence the game. And here we are directly in the world of #managers, #leaders and #decision makers in organizations.

Technological progress is advancing rapidly, work concepts are changing, and the world appears more connected and digital than ever before. "Best practice" and linear planning from knowledge of the past is no longer enough to have answers to future challenges. This, in turn, is where you, you, me and we come in. People who are faced with questions and new challenges every day. They have to make decisions so that the game continues (as successfully as possible) or even to change it positively.

And whenever I have to deal with people and they should and want to work together, dynamics arise that need to be understood. Teams and organizations cannot be controlled directly.
However, good observers and experts in tools for dealing with social (team) phenomena find it easier to keep a clear head in confusing situations. So what competencies are involved in dealing with the so-called VUKA phenomena? In my opinion, it is about clear personal decision making and convinced problem solving. It is about having a clear view of the circumstances and constantly reacting to changing situations. And it's about training my own behavior and that of teams when the environment presents me with new challenges. All this is equally important in both "worlds", the sports and the business context.

For this reason, I am happy to be part of the VUKA Facilitator training team once again. Together with Waltraud Glaeser, Patrizia Tonin and Ingo Kraus, we shed light on and train competencies for times of constant dynamics and new challenges. Do you also want to get VUKA-fit for 2022? Then find out about our next qualification run. For our 1-year anniversary, we even offer a birthday discount.

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