Navigating in a VUCA World

Where does your company/organization stand

in today’s volatile world?

Against the backdrop of unstoppable change, progressive innovation and increasing complexity in the organisation, the need for transformation in the sense of creating future fit companies is greater than ever.

We need answers to questions like “How do we navigate, manage and lead in times of VUCA?
How do we prepare organizations to deal with VUCA phenomena?”

Explore and analyze what practices and procedures make the organization less effective and discover remedy!

The half-day online workshop “Navigating in a VUCA World” is a perfect start:

After an introductory lecture, the following questions are addressed in three break out sessions:
– WHY: Create awareness! Why should you be aware of the VUCA impacts in your organizational context?
– HOW: How did you handle VUCA impacts so far?
– WHAT: What changes are required and how to approach them?

The structure of questions is based on the “Golden Circle” according to Simon Sinek. You will collect answers and first insights into solutions of a VUCA Positive Prime.



  • Dates by arrangement
  • Conducted: digitally or by arrangement in presence


Your benefits

  • In a very short time you will get many new ideas, fresh knowledge and new approaches and options for action.

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