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Our Vision is to Change the World and Inspire People to see the world through Empathic Eyes!

Our belief and experience is that women in the VUCA World are able to find direction and suitable solutions under the most difficult conditions. Sometimes they grow beyond themselves.
It is therefore more surprising that these skills and potentials seem to be stuck somewhere at a company gate – at least if you listen to the complaints of some managers.
We are firmly convinced that women are able to do a great job and dedicate their interest and motivation to common goals if they can rely on collaborative frameworks and on trust that allows them to take responsibility.


Waltraud Glaeser, VUCA Expert

Founder of VUCA World & VUKA Facilitator® Program

Waltraud Glaeser is an experienced organisational Consultant who works with business leaders to understand and alleviate the physical and psychological impacts of VUCA upon an Organisation.

Working as a sparring partner with decision-makers, she empowers them to evolve their Strategie thinking from a Change to a Transformational Management perspective. With a particular focus on people and their well-being and expertise in Strategie Consulting and operational implementation, her customers can unlock the veils that enslave their thinking and decision-making processes, opening a wealth of opportunities, possibilities, and Solutions.

Her work is characterised by a systemic view of the entire Organisation, assessing the “WHAT to be done?”, however more significantly, the “WHY and the HOW to do it?”.

Sharifah Raudhah Ismail

Global Executive Leadership Coach | Strengthscope Practitioner| Resilient Leadership Consultant RLE

We are happy about our partnership with Sharifah Raudhah Ismail from Malaysia. As a dual accredited global Executive Coach, Sharifah focuses on inspiring and enabling later-stage mature leaders as strategies for the much-welcomed transformative journey.
With her experiences and understanding the nature of business, operational excellence, talent development, collaboration and urgency in the execution of ideas, especially in times of uncertainty we support the VUCA navigation in South-East-Asia.

 Jane Moile

She pursuits her passion of starting a school in Kenya to save lives, with the encouragement of Jane’s husband James.

Jane Moile

Caring about

Greta Rowe Primary School, Naromoru

The Primary School in Naromoru, Kenya, was established in 2011 by the teacher Jane Moile, and has 51 children (27 girls and 24 boys) aged 3-6 years old, from kindergarten to standard to 3rd grade.
Fighting against tough processes, she donated her own less than half acre piece of land to establish the school.

Donation VUCA World
Primary School in Naromoru, Kenya

VUCA World team expresses themselves as value-added distributor for the global VUCA mindset.
We aim to chase all of our dreams to help those who deserve a new Sunrise. So there is one thing we know for sure: Together we can make the difference!
With our friends from the Art Gallery Photizo in Nairobi, we initiated a contribution for this Primary School project in Kenya.

If you would also like to contribute please contact: Jane

Logo People Centered Organization

As the founder of The People Centered Organization, LLC, Rhonda Parkhurst is an esteemed organizational consultant specializing in psychological safety. With education and certification from The Fearless Organization, Rhonda utilizes the Psychological Safety Index Scan to measure and enhance workplace environments. Her commitment to this field is further deepened by her expertise in Positive and Emotional Intelligence. Over the past two years, Rhonda has dedicated herself to developing effective solutions for improving organizational culture and team dynamics, believing firmly that people are the heart of every successful organization.

Rhonda Parkhurst and Waltraud Glaeser regularly enrich the VUKA Facilitator®️ community with the topics of Psychological Safety in the context of VUCA.

Rhonda Parkhurst

Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad

The initiator of the p3l learning platform

She brings together expertise in digital transformation and a strong passion for people. Her daily motivation is to develop individuals and teams in a sustainable way and thus ensure success, satisfaction and growth.


Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad

Key competences of the VUCA world

Today, our constant companions are "VUCA" - an acronym for velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. These conditions require new concepts for the future of individuals and companies. Professional know-how is overlaid by methodical and personal skills. Networked thinking, the ability to cooperate and solve problems are among the most important skills. Innovative strength, creativity and empathy is what makes us human. For companies, these are the key competencies to survive in the long term and to solve organisational ambiguities.

Logo Fathima Khan

Fathima Khan

originated in South Africa, Founder & Director at Profiler | Empowering People & Transforming Businesses | World Citizen


We met Fathima in Mauritius and decided to deepen the "VUCA - parallels" and the resulting collaboration soon.

Profiler is a leading Provider of Staffing Solutions and Job-Market related services. They are a versatile company collaborating with and connecting all stakeholders in the employment market.
Profiler is a recruitment and staffing consulting company and an AZAV certified training institution.

Fathima Khan:
"Doing good business is not just about making money. It is about being conscious of the impacts on all stakeholders with regard to decisions made in one’s own interest, and taking responsibility for these decisions and outcomes. This approach to doing business has always been part of Profilers company policy. We are proud to formalize this by being an active participant of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Through this participation Profiler commits itself to aligning its policies, strategies and operations with the 10 universally accepted policies in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption."

Fathima Khan

Saira Easton

Mauritius, CEO of TCLA,  author of the book "Evolve"

We met Saira in Mauritius at our workshop "Leadership in a VUCA Business World", where she presented "Mental Models".
Author of the book "Evolve; Conscious Leadership for a New Era" Saira has a desire to support empowerment and personal transformation.
She has experience researching, designing and delivering her own leadership training programs in Beijing, and personal development programmes across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Saira Easton

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