VUCA Coaching

Why coaching?

Coaching promotes on the individual and group dynamic level as a process of conscious self-awareness your ability to allow new things, to strengthen resources and to use competencies in a goal-oriented way. Taking into account psychological and economic aspects, my approach uses elements from coaching, training and consulting. In addition to coaching individuals, I offer coaching for teams of employees and for the middle management level.

To release stress and blockages, I use IntrovisionCoaching. IntrovisionCoaching is about solving problems that cannot be satisfactorily dealt with in the long term using either conventional coaching tools or behavioral training. Such problems are usually based on deeply ingrained patterns that trigger an “alarm” in the client that prevents them from behaving the way they actually want to and believe is right.


  • Dates by arrangement
  • Conducted: digitally or by arrangement in presence
  • Individual coaching or small teams


Your benefits

  • In a very short time you will get many new ideas, fresh knowledge and new approaches and options for action.

I support teams and middle management professionally and personally!

Where do you exchange ideas on topics that are really close to your heart?

It is always astonishing that people in private contexts are able to find ways out and suitable solutions under the most difficult conditions and in some cases grow beyond themselves.

These parts are therefore inherent in the personality and can be called upon. All the more it should be the case that these abilities and potentials are (can be) also brought into the implementation of professional roles in an organization, a company, and do not get stuck somewhere at a company gate.

This would at least correspond to the wish of top executives and decision-makers.

I am firmly convinced that people and organizations are capable of a great deal, if only they are allowed and given the trust that, under the right conditions, undreamed-of possibilities, resources and potentials are available. When the needs of people, teams and companies are given space and the freedom to take on clarified responsibility, to make their own decisions, to take responsibility for the consequences, and when buzzwords such as “culture of trust” and “lifelong learning” are given a real chance to have an impact.

From my point of view and many years of experience from many different roles, in an organization as well as accompanying an organization, and from a wide variety of perspectives, these are essential success factors in order to be able to maintain orientation in a VUCA world and under the necessity of digitalization and transformation.

Competences in years



RGW Express, development and expansion of the operational and strategic international air freight express business



Branch manager of a profit center of DIS AG, member of the business unit management team

Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

Member of the Supervisory Board of DIS AG, a former listed company



One of the leading VUKA experts in Germany

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