Our Vision is to Change the World and Inspire People to see the world through Empathic Eyes.

Our belief and experience is that people are able to find direction and suitable solutions under the most difficult conditions. Sometimes they grow beyond themselves.
It is therefore more surprising that these skills and potentials seem to be stuck somewhere at a company gate – at least if you listen to the complaints of some managers.
We are firmly convinced that people are able to do a great job and dedicate their interest and motivation to common goals if they can rely on collaborative frameworks and on trust that allows them to take responsibility.

Coaching Waltraud Glaeser

Waltraud Glaeser, VUCA Expert

Founder of VUCA World & VUKA Facilitator® Program

Waltraud Gläser is an experienced organisational Consultant who works with business leaders to understand and alleviate the physical and psychological impacts of VUCA upon an Organisation.

Working as a sparring partner with decision-makers, she empowers them to evolve their Strategie thinking from a Change to a Transformational Management perspective. With a particular focus on people and their well-being and expertise in Strategie Consulting and operational implementation, her customers can unlock the veils that enslave their thinking and decision-making processes, opening a wealth of opportunities, possibilities, and Solutions.

Her work is characterised by a systemic view of the entire Organisation, assessing the “WHAT to be done?”, however more significantly, the “WHY and the HOW to do it?”.


In our team of VUCA Experts we have experienced Organizational Consultants, Process & System Design Consultants, Team Developer, Conflict Resolution Consultants, Agile Coaches.

Our Mission is to assist Business & World Leaders to transition from a Change to a Transformational Management Style through the empowerment of Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility.

Luckily it's only VUCA!

Let's work together!

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