Luckily it's only VUCA

In mid-November 2021, despite Corona, we managed to bring VUCA to Mauritius.
Waltraud Glaeser held a half day workshop on the topic “Luckily it’s only VUCA” with HR and service executives of a large hotel chain from Mauritius.
Together with our local partner, Kesho Gooriah – Managing Director of “Soft Skills Mauritius”, the workshop was prepared and conducted.
The participants got an impression of what VUCA means in their environment and how further collaboration could look like.
In the very close-to-nature camp “Domaine de Lagrave”, everyone was involved with a lot of fun and commitment.

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Pro Mauritius

Another contact is with Hartmut Sieper from “Pro Mauritius”.
He operates from Mauritius, where he relocated from Germany in 2015 and where he founded his company “Transformative Technologies PCC”.
Hartmut Sieper advises entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, companies and investors about Mauritius as a place of business and residence.


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Customized concepts for your company all over the world.

Feel free to contact us.

Customized concepts for your company all over the world.


Navigating in a VUCA World

In November, Waltraud Glaeser conducted a one-day online workshop on the topic
“Navigating in a VUCA World” with a major organization from Riga, Latvia.
After an introductory lecture, the following questions were addressed in three break out sessions:

– WHY: Create awareness! Why should you be aware of the VUCA impacts in context of your Leadership?

– HOW: How did you handle VUCA impacts on your Leadership so far?

– WHAT: What changes are required and how to approach them?

The questions were based on the “Golden Circle” according to Simon Sinek.

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New Zealand

What is VUCA? An adventure journey in search of a definition

Waltraud Glaeser was asked to write an article on VUCA for a major New Zealand journal to be published next year in 2022:

VUCA is on everyone’s lips. It is the subject of corporate strategies. Moreover, an entire consulting discipline has formed around this term. However, what exactly VUCA is remains fuzzy. Attempts at definitional delimitation are often limited to the resolution of the acronym.

The article will highlight the following aspects:

  1. What is VUCA? – An adventure journey in search of a definition extracted from various sources. In the process, characteristics of the definitions will be crystallized.
  2. This is VUCA – a proposal for a definition based on the findings from the first chapter.
  3. How to apply VUCA – the experience of decades advises companies on how to deal with VUCA.


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United Arab Emirates

VUCA goes Middle East

Timestream professionals are a team with years of diverse experience in business consulting, development, delivery and implementation of IT solutions in the UAE, Middle East  and beyond.
They offer industry knowledge and experience in delivering a smooth agile transition with digital transformation.
Timestream partners with best-in-class business agility experts and software vendors to help clients improve their business agility maturity.

The VUCA-WORLD strategy aligns very well with the Business Agility concept and the Business Agility Institute (BAI) agility model. In fact, these two approaches complement each other.

Waltraud Glaeser of VUCA world and Shahid Osmani Managing Director of the Timestream Group agreed on a collaboration that will soon result in concrete offerings.

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Empowerment by Agile Teambuilding

An international company based in Switzerland is in the process of optimizing the current leadership style of their teams:
Empowerment through Agility & Self-Organization, because a learning behavior is needed that can deal with high speed of change, high uncertainty and high interdependencies in a complex environment!
VUCA requires a realignment of leadership and communication: the increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity requires the company to align itself differently and to ensure good results with new leadership behavior under changed conditions.

Waltraud Glaeser facilitates this journey towards purpose, alignment and commitment by gaining self-organization, empowerment and role clarity. The managers of various teams have been prepared for this shift in mindset and paradigms digitally, but also in face-to-face workshops.
A facilitated and moderated process was set up together, following the taylorized principles in the idea of Scrum logic to create value (tackle complex adaptive problems, proceed iteratively and collaboratively, learn through experience, act self-organized, challenge each other, reflect on gains and losses, continuously improve).