Waltraud Glaeser

Everybody said it will not work. Then one came who did not know that and did it.
Inscription in a remote mountain chapel in the canton of Graubünden (Switzerland)

What does the VUCA world mean for me?

My belief and experience is that people are able to find direction and suitable solutions under the most difficult conditions. Sometimes they grow beyond themselves.
It is therefore more surprising that these skills and potentials seem to be stuck somewhere at a company gate – at least if you listen to the complaints of some managers.
I am firmly convinced that people are able to do a great job and dedicate their interest and motivation to common goals if they can rely on collaborative frameworks and on trust that allows them to take responsibility.

These are essential success factors in order to maintain orientation and to navigate successfully in a VUCA world.
The VUCA world platform wants to support organizations and their stakeholders to develop and deploy self-organizational capabilities and strengthen the required skills and resources especially in these dynamic times influenced by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity to increase individual VUCA fitness.