Day of Orientation

Your company is facing change and you are looking for the right way?

It’s not going well, you want to know “what’s going on?” You want to understand better,”what to do?”

This creative large group moderation accompanies you and your organisation during development and change processes.
An effective day that sets the right steps in the direction of your company’s future in motion and brings the important topics to the point. A framework that enables you and your employees to engage in a solution-oriented dialogue.
Together you will illuminate your management style from different perspectives. You talk to each other instead of talking against each other, you learn about approaches, worries, fears and inhibitors from the point of view of all those involved. Unspoken things come to the surface and thus become “comprehensible”.
You will receive a quick and effective analysis and at the same time strengthen the spirit of departure for joint action, because together you shed light on the first solutions and possible paths.

Emotions are the way to the hearts and motivation of your employees.

This day

  • opens the way to heart, hand and mind (also in the sense of salutogenesis).
  • strengthens team spirit and the feeling of togetherness.
  • dissolves “departmental thinking” through an appreciative dialogue of all participants.
  • it illuminates – sometimes invisible – walls and conflicts and enables solutions.
  • gives you, as a manager, guidance where things are “stuck” in the company.
  • places the focus on open dialogue and reveals points of view which have not been expressed before and which often stand in the way of success.
  • shows you the most effective levers and what really needs to be done in order to move forward successfully together.




  • Dates by arrangement
  • Conducted: digitally or by arrangement in presence
  • All principles, methods and instruments used in „The Day of Orientation“ will be introduced, trained and evaluated.
  • Along with the separate modules the program will include supportive sessions of training, coaching and sparring.
  • The program will offer optionally a certificate of attendance followed by a test.


Your benefits

Thanks to the important approach of “turn those affected into participants”, you and all your employees will experience an unforgettable day that not only highlights the usual topics.
The method promotes dialogue from person to person and facilitates an open and solution-focused dialogue. This paves the way for a corporate culture in which people feel comfortable, are efficient and willing to commit themselves to the desired success. In the workshop you will work together to develop concrete practical measures.
This creates motivation and honest identification with the common cause.

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