You get a future-proof action plan

that matches your entrepreneurial reality.

Through my accompaniment of your workshop or training, you sharpen your perception with a view to the systemic context of your concern. The facilitation is based on the concept of sustainability. The focus of the approach here is mindful management, which respects the individual with his immanent potential (rational, emotional, physical) and with his limits. The holistic dimension also takes into account spiritual intelligence. This enables communication between all actors that is as appreciative as it is profitable. Beyond improved resilience, you get a sustainable action plan that corresponds to your business reality.

I offer you individually designed trainings and workshops on the topics of leadership, personal development and sales, which take into account your specific needs and wishes as the client as well as those of the other participants. The transfer of theory into practice is in the foreground, as is the comparison of what is feasible to what is useful and meaningful. An instrument for navigating the company and for teamwork based on Genuine Contact (TM).

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