Leadership in a VUCA world

By VUCA Toolbox


Where do you exchange ideas about topics that are really close to your heart?


Sparring gives you the opportunity to develop your company in a targeted manner.

As a group of 6 to 8 participants, you meet once a quarter to discuss important topics openly and confidentially. In the protected room it is possible for you to talk openly and to speak out and say sensitive things yourself.
You are the experts for the topic – I am the expert for the process and for new instruments!
I provide a constructive atmosphere and moderate the exchange. You also benefit from valuable impulses out of my well-filled toolbox.
The many years of experience of other sparring sessions shows that the issues never run out because there are always new challenges and problems to be solved for decision-makers.

The right impulse often brings more than time-consuming and cost-intensive efforts to find the right solution alone!


Sparring gives you the opportunity to develop your company in a targeted manner.
Use the power and wisdom of the group! Think things anew, develop ideas and get to know new approaches and tools!
Through my support you work systematically on solutions and new strategies for your own success.



You design the contents of sparring yourself with your questions and concerns and bring in your current topics.
Exchange of experience among like-minded people, without the idea of competition – even on sensitive topics.
Instead of being blinkered in your work and stay in the famous tunnel vision, you will practice change of perspective and lateral thinking.
In a very short time you will receive many new ideas, fresh knowledge and new approaches.
Many problems have already been solved by others – saving you time and money.


Find out how we can help you, your team and organisation navigate complexity and ambiguity.

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