Leading change processes

"Manage Change?" or "Change Management?"

Paul Watzlawick already said that "every problem is a nail if you only have a hammer". This makes it all the more indispensable for managers today to have a well-equipped "toolbox" filled with knowledge of the dynamics and necessary framework conditions of change. This is the only way to ensure that you are well equipped to deal with people and organizations in the context of constant change. The result: You strengthen your self-control competencies in balancing between improving the past (change management) and shaping the future (transformation).

In this seminar you will learn to …

… assess the influence of the VUKA phenomena of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity and the resulting areas of tension in the respective context.
… why change management and the ability to adapt to dynamic conditions are among today’s core competencies of every manager.
… how to successfully manage the diverse interests of all stakeholders and turn those affected into participants.
… how to ensure that the human factor is given sufficient consideration.
… what it takes to successfully shape change and transformation processes and to strengthen the success of change processes through “Balanced Change Management”.


Waltraud Glaeser is available to all participants up to one year after the workshop for specific questions about the seminar content and the implementation of the workshop content in practice.

Why you should participate

In the future, you will distinguish which approaches from change management fit which change occasion.
You will recognize the valuable distinction between change and transformation.
You will communicate the reasons for change and transformation in a comprehensible and activating way.
You expand your knowledge of change dynamics and psychological mechanisms of action in change processes.

What makes the difference in this seminar

The trainer and former executive and supervisory board member Waltraud Glaeser comes from practical experience and conveys her knowledge and experience on the sound basis of proven success.
The seminar concept is based on the concrete needs of the participants and lives from practical examples and exercises.
The focus is on fun and playful learning.
The tools and aids used in the seminar can be transferred 1:1 into everyday working life.


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